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Volume 15.2: Letting Go

LIVD Volume 15.2

Volume 15.2, “Letting Go,” includes articles focused on screwing up, failure, and vulnerability and how they impact a creative practice. Contributor Nick Kuder starts off with fantastic insight into the workings of stigmergic systems. Stigmergy governs most of social media, something that should be questioned in our field. Artist Roz Crews follows, in an interview with Caleb Misclevitz on taking risks and not taking risks. Nimi Einstein’s piece centers around xenophobia, and LA designer Tamar Rosenthal crafts a response. Nimi and Tamar have never met in person, but share a similar cultural heritage, their viewpoints offer an interesting insight into the current struggles between Israelis, Palestinians and their American descendants. Interspersed throughout the publication are poems on contemporary existence – and calls for hugs – from Doctor Kobra, in both textual and graphic form.

Nick Kuder | Roz Crews | Nimi Einstein + Tamar Rosenthal | Doctor Kobra

Theme: Failure, risk and vulnerability
Release: 2017
Aesthetic: Process and deconstruction
Printing Method: Digitally printed with risograph overlays
PDXScholar Archive

Nick Kuder is an Assistant Professor in Graphic Design at Western Michigan University. He is also Director of the Design Center at Gwen Frostic School of Art and one of the co-founders of Daines Kuder. | Roz Crews graduated from the Art + Social Practice MFA Program at Portland State University. Roz’s work is heavily involved in community and community building. | Nimi Einstein is a Graphic Designer based on Portland. He has also worked in Japan at Ashinaga. | Tamar Rosenthal is the Creative Director at Salt & Pepper Studios in Los Angeles. She’s been a creative director for over twenty-five years in LA. | Doctor Kobra is a Poet, Illustrator, and Designer currently based in Kentucky.

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