Submissions can be sent to the editor: There are two options for submitting to LIVD:

Academic / Essay

Traditional paper abstracts must be 200-400 words in length, summarizing your intent. Once an abstract has been accepted, full papers must be formatted using American Psychological Association (APA) text formatting, with inline citations and a separate references list at the end. Ideal papers are between 2,000 and 3,000 words (roughly 4-6 pages), not including the reference list. Text must be sent as a Rich Text File (RTF) and an Acrobat PDF file. 

Experimental / Graphic

Non-traditional or non-academic papers (for example, an interview, poem, artwork/graphic, etc.) will only be accepted as full articles / complete submissions. Image/art / graphic submissions must be submitted in JPG form. 


The staff here at LIVD expects the highest standard of writing, each selected contribution is vetted through a peer-review process that ensures quality of thought and the integrity of the overall narrative structure of each edition of the publication. LIVD reaches an international audience of the highest levels. Contributors are expected to maintain this high bar. Contributors unwilling to incorporate feedback, maintain a high level of quality, or keep to deadlines can be dropped/removed from the publication.